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I'm David Subar,
Managing Partner of Interna.


We enable technology companies to ship better products faster, to achieve product-market fit more quickly, and to deploy capital more efficiently.


You might recognize some of our clients. They range in size from small, six-member startups to the Walt Disney Company. We've helped companies such as Pluto on their way to a $340MM sale to Viacom, and on their path to a $1.5B sale to Linkedin.

Interna's Client Reify Health "Raises $220 Million to Eliminate Waiting in Clinical Trials"

Congratulations to Reify Health's Executive Chairman, Michael Lin, and CEO, Ralph Passarella, and the entire team at Reify Health on this incredible accomplishment.

Reify Health first became our client with small teams of twelve engineers and two product managers; we were able to watch, participate in, and accelerate their growth to over 75 engineers and 13 product managers, with similar growth in their design and data groups. We came on board when they were valued at $20M-- how exciting to see this outstanding company now receive such an outstanding new valuation at $2.2B. We can't wait to see what good things continue to come from #ReifyHealth.

To read more about Reify Health's latest success, visit their press release:



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