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Michael Barton

Intelleration Group Consulting

Managing Partner

"Hire them. This is a firm that knows how to meet the client where they are, give them the support and guidance that is best for them in the moment, and build long-lasting skills within the client organization. The tech and product team grew tremendously in professionalism and ability to produce results and hit deadlines. This was due to [Interna's] mentoring and guidance. Anytime I have tech needs in a company, Interna is my first call."

Jeff Reynolds

LRW / Material


"Strategically, [Interna] helped put together an excellent strategic plan for technology in the organization that turned out to be right and have excellent long-term results. We also had an unrelated crisis during [their] time supporting us, and [they] proved agile and extremely helpful in solving that too."

David Wertheimer



"... [Interna] knows how to get things done in a start-up and corporate world and is a pleasure to work with."

Steve Raymond



"I started to get accurate information from the team, and also noticed the culture improving substantially... After a month, [Interna] had righted the ship and we began to operate in a productive manner."

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