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Ross has led Product Development, Strategy, and Delivery for companies of all sizes and stages, such as the startup ReelKandi, which was successfully acquired after he transitioned teams from an agency model to a SaaS model; the BBC’s Children Brand, Cbeebies; Reward Gateway, the world’s largest employee engagement company; and the Innovation unit for the Collinson Group, which is the UK’s largest privately held company. 


At Reward Gateway, Ross led their first mobile app from ideation to a $50MM in revenue in 12 months and led the Product team for Reward Gateway’s flagship product, SmartSpending, which he grew to $1B in revenue. 


As a consultant, Ross has advised dozens of other companies globally in Product Management best practices, such as the world’s largest Market Research company, Kantar Global, as they were acquired by the WPP Group, and Hudl, one of Europe’s fastest growing startups.

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