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I'm David Subar,
Managing Partner of Interna.


We enable technology companies to ship better products faster, to achieve product-market fit more quickly, and to deploy capital more efficiently.


You might recognize some of our clients. They range in size from small, six-member startups to the Walt Disney Company. We've helped companies such as Pluto on their way to a $340MM sale to Viacom, and on their path to a $1.5B sale to Linkedin.

ChatGPT vs Early ML/AI, Intuitive Design - A Chat with Ethan Cole - Product in LA Podcast

I was a guest on the Product in LA hosted by Ethan Cole, we had a great conversation about ML/AI and its evolution, ChatGPT, science, and technology. We talked about intuitive design, how it helps create better user interfaces, how becoming transformative and intuitive is the future of designing better organic interfaces and how these interfaces have impacted lives, and how they could improve our lives in the future.

Here are the key moments of our conversation:

0:00 - Introductions

02:13 - David talks about the LA CTO Forum

03:53 - David talks about discovering his passion for technology and career progression

07:15 - Ethan and David discuss the dichotomy between science and engineering

08:29 - Ethan and David talk about the early AIML and ChatGPT

13:13 - David talks about how technology has affected his role

18:25 - David talks about intuitive design and how it can improve UIs

23:50 - David talks about the most LA thing that has ever happened to him


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